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Book Design & Production Services

At I. Motai Design, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to bring your book to life, tailored to your unique vision and requirements. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to detail shines through every stage of the book design, from consultation to language services; we do it all.

  • Biographies
  • Family legacy books
  • Histories
  • Fiction
  • Cookbooks
  • Art books
  • Art catalogs
  • Other genres


Our collaborative process begins with a detailed consultation, where we work closely with you to understand your design and concept preferences. This initial step ensures that your book project is aligned with your vision.


We provide access to a network of skilled writers and editors ready to refine and enhance your content. From grammar and style to structure and coherence, our professionals will make your writing shine.

Book Size

Choose the size and format that best suits your book. Whether you envision a compact paperback or a larger hardcover, we adapt to your specific needs.

Visual Impact

Enhance your book with striking images. You can incorporate existing photos or opt for our expert photo restoration services to ensure your visuals are of the highest quality.

Precision Printing

We offer a range of printing options, from digital printing for smaller runs to full offset printing for larger quantities. Your book will be produced to the highest industry standards.

Print On-Demand

Understand the convenience of Amazon Kindle Desktop Publishing for on-demand printing. This approach allows you to meet market demands efficiently.


Reach a global audience by publishing your book as an Amazon Kindle e-book. Digital publishing opens doors to a vast readership.

Language Services

Our language services cater to a diverse audience. We offer English-language support, bilingual Japanese-English services, and typesetting and design solutions for Chinese and Korean publications. Your book will resonate with readers from various language backgrounds.

Transparent Pricing

The cost of your project will depend on factors such as content complexity, book-length, and binding style. Please note that editorial and printing expenses are additional. The below pricing is based on a 200-page book.

1) Complete Book Design
Cover and text design, custom size, photos, and specialized visuals: $2,500 – $6,000

2) Trade Book Design
Softcover design with black and white text: $2,000

3) Amazon Kindle e-book
e-book conversion: $600 – $1,200
Contact us today to discuss your project and get started on your journey to publishing success.