About Designer Izumi Motai

Izumi Motai has said that. “The thing that informs my creative work is the belief that in the design of any product, be it a wine label or a book, there is a story being told and that my job as a designer is to capture that story in a way that represents the concepts and goals of my clients.”

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Izumi Motai came to America to deepen his experience as an artist; he attended the San Francisco Art Institute, from which he received a Master's in Fine Arts. He then began design studies, entering Parsons School of Design in New York City and earning an associate degree in advertising design.

Izumi's subsequent design work in the manufacturing, advertising, and publishing industries has built his expertise in multiple design genres, among them packaging, label design, graphics, and book design. He feels that his success as a designer has come as a result of his respect for clients' input, his creative ability to bring client's visions to reality, and, as importantly to clients, his flexibility and reliability.

In all, Izumi enjoys and values that special moment when he feels, along with his clients, that he has succeeded in capturing their stories.

Izumi has worked with many professional writers and personal historians in the San Francisco Bay Area, including:

  • Trena Cleland
  • Anne Grenn Saldinger (LookingBackfortheFuture.com)
  • Bernard Weiner (Transformation Press)
  • Carla Koop (Memoirs & More)
  • Charles Rubin (NewCentury Publishers)
  • Julie Blade (Lifetime Chronicles)
  • Leslie Rupley (LTR Productions)
  • Linda Hamilton (Stories to Last)

Printing Services

Izumi’s collaboration with printers goes back many years. One of his closest collaborators is Edition One. Edition One provides consistence excellence in both digital printing and the craft of book binding, a rare combination of skills in today’s printing market. As a book designer, Izumi sees Edition One as a premium resource in his book design business.

A man is reading and writing at the same time.

"Not only was Izumi Motai instrumental in producing a high quality and beautiful book, but working with him on the design added depth and pleasure to the whole experience."

Lowell Brook, Client, I Knew Myself There

"Understanding the nature of personal history, he can work with different systems of organization of written content and images. He is also very easy-going; a delight to work with!"

Linda A. Hamilton, Owner, Stories to Last

"Izumi Motai is in a class of the most innovative and talented of designers today."

Charles Rubin, Author, President, NewCentury Publishers