We take design from concept to production

Working With Our Individual Clients

From writing to design through production, we offer complete services for clients wanting to create memoirs, family legacy books, heirloom cookbooks, artist catalogs, or records of other sorts of achievements.


Our Book Design Services Encompass:

• Concept development

• Client design consultations

• Design production

• Printing collaboration

• Memory Device Gift Box including:

­— The final book in PDF format

— A final printer’s file (for permanent   preservation)

— An entire photo archive (color and quality restored)

— An e-Book (for online sharing)


Working With Our Professional Clients

We offer design and printing services to writers, editors, publishers, and personal historians dedicated to preserving:

• individual and family histories

• organizational histories

• regional and cultural histories

    Our goal is to provide creative design work along with a well-coordinated printing process.


Design and Printing Services

A project is complete when the design captures the spirit of a story and when the quality of the printing brings it forth.

    The printing production can be done by a printer chosen by the client, or a printer we have frequently collaborated with. In either case, we work closely with the printer to ensure a book of enduring quality. There are no limitations on the size or length of a book; our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our clients. Book runs can start from as few as five copies and go up to any quantity requested by the client.


Collaborating with a Printer

To find out about one of printing collaborators, please visit:

    • Edition One www.editiononebooks.com

Flash Memory Device Gift Box

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